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ROX Concrete is the first concrete formulation in the Pacific Northwest that achieves carbon neutrality combined with exceptional strength and durability.

100% of product stage emissions are offset and certified in accordance with The Carbon Neutral Protocol.



• 50% or more clinker cement replacement with recycled substitutes

• Dedicated quality control for placement support

• Available from 3000 to 6000 PSI in all common applications

• Comparable cost to conventional concrete products on the market.

• 3000 PSI Foundation Mix (call for current pricing)

4000 PSI Foundation Mix (call for current pricing)



• 70% or more clinker cement substitution with recycled substitutes

• Finished by ROX Certified placement professionals

• Available up to 5000 PSI and ideal for foundations
• 3000 PSI Foundation Mix 
(call for current pricing)

• 4000 PSI Foundation Mix (call for current pricing)

Admixtures and products including hot water, fiber and accelerators are available for purchase for an addition charge. Please call our staff at 503-682-2525 to receive a detailed quote specific to your job.

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